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NACD Prepares Directors for Heightened Responsibilities and Regulation

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America’s economic health is inextricably linked to business growth and sound boardroom practices. And while many decry the corporate scandals that erupted in recent years, NACD believes in looking towards the future and working with directors to better prepare them to lead America’s companies.

How to Be(come) a Director is our new Web-based course designed to educate newly minted directors and help aspiring directors advance their board careers by learning about boardroom best practices that will enable them to become responsible stewards of companies and shareholders. This is not some sterile academic exercise, to be sure. Rather, the 4 hour eLearning course provides real-life lessons from top corporate governance experts, including directors of Fortune 500 companies and scholars at prominent academic institutions. The topics covered in the course are essential to sound corporate management: fiduciary responsibilities, essential directorship skills, the board selection process, understanding committees, and much more.

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Course participants will learn from a veritable “Who’s Who” in corporate governance, including Kenneth Daly, the president and CEO of NACD; Denny Beresford, director at Fannie Mae, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Legg Mason; Reatha Clark King, former director at General Mills Foundation and at Exxon Mobil Corporation; and Professor Charles M. Elson, the director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware.

For just under $400, this self-paced program fills an urgent need, seeking to raise the standards of ethical behavior, accountability and competence in boardroom leadership. It also helps current and future directors cope with an atmosphere of heightened regulation and scrutiny.

Repeat access to the course gives participants the flexibility to review certain sections again for better understanding. In addition, the core course content is supplemented by downloads that can be used to build a personal corporate governance library, as well as video, bonus materials and knowledge checks for participants to see how much they’ve learned.

It is not getting any easier to run a company in this age of intensified public scrutiny and government regulation. However, How to Be(come) a Director provides a solid platform to help corporate directors prepare for boardroom success both for their companies and for their own careers.