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Welcoming New Directors: The Essentials of Onboarding

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Upon arrival, new directors are typically greeted by an avalanche of documents—including charters, reports, and financial statements. Even for the most seasoned governance experts and veteran directors, reading and processing this information load presents a challenge. For those who are stepping up to their first board assignments, it’s a particularly daunting prospect.

Daunting, yes – but by no means unmanageable. With the right preparation, boards can effectively organize these documents and bring new directors up to speed.

NACD has developed a new publication to assist boards in organizing their onboarding manuals. The Onboarding Book provides directors and their boards with a comprehensive, user-friendly roadmap. It is designed to help board members get to work quickly and confidently.

The Onboarding Book is a compilation of templates that can be customized to any board or company. This publication includes resources for the board to communicate the essentials of the organization to new directors, including how corporate policy affects their work, what their responsibilities are, and how they will be evaluated.

Content includes sample bylaws, board and committee evaluations, organization charts, specific director responsibilities and duties, codes of ethics, insider training policies, and more.

The Onboarding Book can also be an invaluable tool for smaller companies and startups that are establishing boards for the first time.

While there is no shortcut to learning the facts necessary to becoming an effective director, boards can organize the comprehensive documents, and thereby avoid inefficiency, repetition, or frustrating missteps. The Onboarding Book is a go-to resource to assure that companies and their directors don’t miss a beat.