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January 25, 2023

Advance Notice Bylaws: A Brief History and Four Recommendations

The 2023 debut of the universal proxy card, following a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SE...

By Alexandra R. Lajoux

January 5, 2023

Lessons to Learn from the Fall of FTX

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has fallen. News outlets point mainly to rival cryptocurrency exchang...

By Mandy Wright

November 10, 2022

Coping with Clawbacks: A Director’s Guide for 2023

Come January 2023, the 118th Congress may launch a new deregulatory agenda, encouraged by increas...

By Alexandra R. Lajoux

November 1, 2022

How M&A Experts are Tackling Preparing for a Recession, Human Capital, and More

With economic volatility continuing in 2022, some companies may be looking to grow through merger...

By Natalie Heavren

October 14, 2022

Uncertainty, Courage, and Hope: Key Lessons From NACD Summit 2022

Uncertainty” is a term used in almost every boardroom conversation nowadays. For example, the fut...

By Mandy Wright

October 14, 2022

Three Climate Lessons From NACD Summit 2022

There have been myriad climate crises in 2022, from floods, record-breaking heat, and drought to ...

By Natalie Heavren

October 13, 2022

Three Talent Oversight Misconceptions: Highlights From the 2022 NACD Summit

Amid the Great Resignation and the trend of “quiet quitting,” it has become clear that boards are...

By Natalie Heavren

October 8, 2022

At NACD’s 2022 Summit, Opening Remarks from CEO Peter Gleason

NACD president and CEO Peter Gleason details recent and upcoming initiatives as he opens NACD Sum...

By Peter Gleason