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January 18, 2023

Leading Directors and Experts Reflect on 2022, Discuss Top Business Trends to Come

When you ponder the year ahead and all the trials it will bring, a potential recession as well as...

By NACD Editors

July 7, 2021

Fortune 500 Committee Chairs Reflect on New Risk Profiles Created by the Pandemic

Fortune 500 risk and audit committee chairs gathered in the spring to discuss the future of work ...

By Marcel Bucsescu and Andrew Lepczyk

April 28, 2021

Business and Politics: When Should Companies Take a Public Position?

Corporate social responsibility is now accepted as a legitimate pursuit of public companies. Tom ...

By Thomas A. Cole

January 22, 2021

10 Actions for Boards in Response to Political Violence

The siege of the US Capitol on Jan. 6 was shocking, and many leaders agree that more politically ...

By Helene R. Banks

February 28, 2017

Separating Signal from Noise: How Corporate Boards Are Making Sense of the New Administration

A few weeks into the Trump presidency, it is tempting to obsess about the political rhetoric and ...

By Friso van der Oord

February 23, 2017

Perspectives for Leadership: The New World Order

Regardless of which party is in the White House, the National Association of Corporate Directors’...

By Kimberly Simpson

January 19, 2017

13 Questions Directors Should Ask in Post-Election America

What questions should board members ask the leadership of their companies in the weeks to come? P...

By Kimberly Simpson

September 21, 2016

What the Changing Geopolitical Landscape Means for Your Company

Ian Bremmer, founder and president of Eurasia Group, is often described as a guru of political ri...

By Jesse Rhodes

September 20, 2016

Economics, Uncertainty, and the 2016 Election

At a mainstage panel during NACD’s 2016 Global Board Leaders’ Summit on September 19, directors, ...

By Friso van der Oord

September 13, 2016

Global Volatility Seems Limitless

This is the second of a three-part series looking at the global economy and uncertainty in 2016. ...

By DJ Peterson