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July 2, 2019

Sharpen Your Board’s Risk Oversight Process

The nature of risks has changed. It’s time for boards to revisit their governance model to provid...

By Jim DeLoach

October 31, 2018

Human Capital Investment Can Yield a Better Bottom Line

Companies are now facing a range of urgent human capital challenges. Workforce productivity that ...

By Seymour Burchman

September 5, 2017

Digital Disruption: Elevating the People Agenda

Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workplace that includes cognitive technol...

By Ilya Bonic

December 6, 2016

Directors Assess Long-Term Election Implications

This is the second post in a series addressing the short- and long-term impacts of the 2016 presi...

By Katie Swafford

January 28, 2016

The Impact of Workplace Strategy on Enterprise Goals

One of Steve Jobs’ last initiatives before his death in October 2011 was a personal pitch to the ...

By Margaret Latshaw