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August 28, 2018

How Lead Directors Are Helping Their Boards Keep Pace

Does your board have the right people and processes in place to meet your company’s needs? ...

By Dennis T. Whalen

May 17, 2018

How Does Your Board Define Age Diversity?

Age diversity is an important factor to achieving diversity of thought. That’s how 91 percent of ...

By Paula Loop

June 16, 2017

Paul S. Williams On Diversity and Making the Most of Summit

Paul S. Williams is a partner in the Chicago office of Major, Lindsey & Africa, the nation...

By NACD Editors

January 10, 2017

It’s Time for Companies to Improve Board Diversity Disclosure

The demographic and expertise-based makeup of public company boards has come under increasing scr...

By Lisa Roberts

September 18, 2016

Maximizing Talent to Create a 21st Century Board

Identifying what expertise is needed on the board and orchestrating different—if not conflicting—...

By Jesse Rhodes

September 18, 2016

Unlocking Innovation Through Diversity

The first panel at the 2016 Global Board Leaders’ Summit’s Diversity Symposium provided directors...

By Katie Swafford

August 25, 2016

Does Investor Relations Expertise Belong On the Board?

Times sure have changed. Whether a company’s equity is owned by a few venture capitalists or a le...

By Robert D. Ferris

September 29, 2015

Identifying Obstacles to Board Diversity

The final session of the Diversity Symposium at NACD’s 2015 Global Board Leaders’ Summit fo...

By Jesse Rhodes

September 28, 2015

How to Make a 21st-Century Board

How will boards find the next generation of talent—directors who will be able to maintain their c...

By Jesse Rhodes

September 28, 2015

Beyond the Sidelines: The Impact and Legacy of the Rooney Rule

The sidelines of a football field may seem an unlikely place to look for governance best practice...

By Jesse Rhodes