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May 17, 2022

Four Traps Boards Should Avoid

What directors can do to maximize their boards’ effectiveness in this time of market turmoi...

By David Brown

May 12, 2022

When It Comes to Board Diversity, Regulation Helps But Is No ‘Silver Bullet’

What is next for advancing board diversity, equity, and inclusion is not set in stone, but these ...

By Hannah Geyer

May 11, 2022

Purpose, Mission, and the Soul of Your Company’s Brand: Seasoned Marketers Needed as Board Members

Many board members have backgrounds in finance, accounting, or law. What is often lacking is mark...

By Paula Zirinsky

May 5, 2022

Three Keys for CEOs: Relevance, Culture, and Alignment

Engaged directors must understand their CEO’s state of mind in these unprecedented times to recog...

By Jim DeLoach

May 3, 2022

Adding a Director to your Board? Beware of These Six Common Myths

Understanding these myths—and what the reality is—can help improve the process for finding a new ...

By Susan Paley

April 27, 2022

A Mid-Season Look at 2022 Shareholder Proposals

Michael W. Peregrine and Eric Orsic discuss resolutions, lessons, and projections from the first ...

By Michael W. Peregrine and Eric Orsic