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Director-Shareholder Engagement: Limits and Possibilities

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Stakeholder communication is clearly a hot-button governance issue today. Some stakeholders— including institutional shareholders, activist shareholders, and regulators—want to have a dialogue with directors. But directors have differing opinions about what—and whether—to communicate. Each board should consider the circumstances where it may or may not be appropriate to engage with shareholders—and why. This panel discussed communication with shareholders, based on the panelists’ collective experiences. Highlights: 1. Ideally, boards should be proactive in reaching out to engage with shareholders. Shareholders are a great source of information about how the company is perceived, which may differ substantially from management’s views. For example,... Read More

How to Land—and Keep—the Right Board Seat

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What does it take to get on a board? It’s not an easy task. Identifying, approaching, and successfully procuring a seat on the right board can be a long, and sometimes daunting, journey. This panel offered insights on the future of boardroom composition. Having a board made up of people with relevant skill sets and experience is critical in today’s competitive business environment, and boards want the best candidates available. The panel discussed the latest trends in director recruitment and how they impact the search process. It also discussed the qualifications most commonly found in successful candidates. Maggie Wilderotter, chairman... Read More

Story Circle: Discovering Agreement

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Linda Alvarez discussed “Discovering Agreement,” a powerful alternative to the old-style adversarial model of contract law. Whether you’re buying a cellphone, selling a business, starting a job, or hiring an employee, contracts are a fundamental part of our personal and professional lives. Traditional practices pit contracting parties against one another, laying a foundation of mistrust. Discovering Agreement is a new paradigm that places shared vision and values first and foremost in the negotiation. The result is a stronger, more sustainable, and enjoyable venture that can endure and prosper—even in the face of disagreement or unexpected change. Highlights: 1. Traditional contracts... Read More