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Performance Metrics That Make a Difference

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This morning’s plenary on “Performance Metrics That Make a Difference,” brought together the two co-chairs of the 2010 NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Performance Metrics, John Dillon and Bill White, as well as NACD Chairman Barbara Hackman Franklin and Jannice Koors from Pearl Meyer & Partners. When it comes to financial metrics, NACD Chairman Franklin stressed that the board “sometimes… just takes what management gives us.” The board must “make sure that senior management really buys into [the established] strategy, goals, and performance measures,” agreed Jan Koors. It’s important to “trust, but verify,” and for the board to take a... Read More

Just Do It! Board-Shareowner Communications for 2011

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NACD’s Annual Corporate Governance Conference opened with a topic that hangs heavy in the air. The first plenary session concentrated on board-shareholder communications in the aftermath of the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act. The panelists for “Just Do It! Board-Shareowner Communications for 2011” were CalSTERS’ Janice Hester Amey, The Corporate Library’s Nell Minow, Computer Associates’ Bill McCracken, and Broadridge’s Marvin Sims. The panel tackled the hot topic issues related to the Dodd-Frank Act such as say-on-pay, majority voting, executive compensation, and separation of the CEO and chairman. While consensus on these topics was elusive, panelists did agree that the next... Read More

Shareholders Feedback in a Board Evaluation

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Not surprisingly, some of our full board members are truly Leading the Way in this new shareholder environment. They have asked us to design a questionnaire for their largest shareholders to complete as part of the board evaluation process we’re doing for them. They are interested in knowing how fellow board members, senior staff, and shareholders all view their performance as a board and if each of those groups has suggestions/input for the board to improve its performance. They have asked to do this “off-cycle” from the shareholder meeting so they can receive the information and take whatever actions they consider... Read More