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Learning to Lead at Board Level: Tom Presby speaks at NACD Director Professionalism

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Eighty-five directors spending two days at NACD’s Director Professionalism® course in a chilly Florida this week benefited from a thoughtful talk from experienced audit chair Tom Presby. Tom leads the audit committee for Tiffany and Co. and American Eagle Outfitters, and serves four other boards, as well. “If you are invited to join a board, do the due diligence you would do if you were actually buying the company,” he said. “Get to know the other directors and assess the culture of the board and the company. Your board colleagues and the management they oversee will, in effect, be holding... Read More

U.S. Demographics, Hispanic Outreach, Board Service—and You

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 Our host was Mike Gonzalez and Sylvia Garcia, director of Hispanic Outreach for Newt Gingrich, was one of the attendees. I met Juan and Romanita, Gustavo and Hector, Octavio and Ana Maria, and at least three men named Manny. Jeb Bush, Jr. introduced his new wife, Sandra Algudady. The occasion was a dinner at the Heritage Foundation to celebrate the launch of Libertad, the conservative think tank’s brand new Spanish-language website. You can read here why Heritage believes it is important to offer Hispanic audiences the opportunity to explore conservative thinking in Spanish, but the takeaways from an evening of lively... Read More

Technology, Democracy and the End of Top-Down Leadership?

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A recent conversation with one of our members via the NACD LinkedIn Group has prompted me to think about how social media might affect the work of companies, the behavior of shareowners, and thus the leadership of boards of directors. The conversation started like this: I attended an elearning conference and, inspired by some of the sessions, decided to solicit the views of NACD membership on how the emergence of social media might require new skills and mind-sets from those charged with company oversight: the board of directors. I had only one response. “Neil” wrote: “Other than the notion that... Read More