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What to Watch For in 2016

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A Message from NACD’s CEO to Our Members Each year I find myself declaring that the profession of directorship has become more challenging than it was in the previous year. I believe we’ve now reached the point where we should recognize this escalation as the status quo, not an annual anomaly. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s director qualification disclosure requirements, the advent of proxy access, and the increasingly public role of shareholder activists have contributed to a business environment in which directors’ qualifications and performance are continually scrutinized. NACD’s mission is to help directors lead with confidence—and to foster stakeholders’... Read More

Ken Daly’s 2015 Letter to NACD Membership

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Dear NACD Members, As I look ahead to the challenges that boards will face in 2015, I am more confident than ever in NACD’s mission to help directors navigate an increasingly complex environment. Our programs and resources remain focused on helping directors improve their performance as strategic assets for their organizations. We achieve this primarily by providing the foresight to anticipate emerging issues, thereby enhancing stakeholder confidence in the board’s ability to provide effective leadership. I’d like to briefly share with you the three critical issues that NACD will focus on this year. 1. Cybersecurity. It will surprise no one... Read More