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The Most Important Risks for 2015

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North Carolina State University ERM Initiative and Protiviti have completed their third annual survey of C-level executives regarding the macroeconomic, strategic and operational risks their organizations face. Compared to last year, the top 10 risks for 2015 reflect some marked differences and provide insight into what’s on the minds of senior executives and directors. Approximately 275 C-level executives, the majority of whom represent organizations that operate globally, participated, providing an understanding of the top uncertainties companies are facing as they move forward into 2015. While the applicability and prioritization of the following challenges will vary by industry and company size and... Read More

Focusing the Board’s Risk Oversight

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Many companies have adopted a risk language to facilitate an ongoing dialogue regarding their risks. With respect to board risk oversight, the question arises as to whether directors should adopt their own risk language to ensure they are covering the bases and focusing the oversight process. While each board must decide for itself whether such a language is useful given the nature of the enterprise’s operations, there are several risk categories directors may want to consider. At Protiviti, we often hear concerns from directors and executives alike about the risk oversight process being an unfocused activity. If the board is... Read More