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Leadership in a Complex and Changing Global Arena

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Dennis T. Whalen, partner in charge and executive director at KPMG, led the final plenary session of the NACD Board Leadership Conference. He began the session by referencing Leo Abruzzese’s remarks during yesterday’s session, noting that it set the stage for this panel. Titled Leadership in a Complex and Changing Global Arena, the panel explored how boards oversee operations in a tightly connected global marketplace. Dr. Ronald Sugar, director of Chevron and Apple, noted that all corporations are global to one extent or another, whether a company has global competitors, customers, or operations. “What global means for one company isn’t... Read More

Forecasting the Economic Climate

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One of the popular questions that the presidential candidates repeatedly ask is “Are we better off today than we were four years ago?” In the Forecasting the Economic Climate session, Leo Abruzzese, global forecasting director for the Economist Intelligence Unit, referenced the same question in his remarks about the U.S. economic outlook, but he also offered some answers. Four years ago, the United States was at the beginning of the worst six months it had faced in seven years. The economy was shrinking by 4 percent, and it got worse in the first quarter of 2009. In 2012, the United... Read More