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How to Set Threshold and Maximum Payouts That Are Tailor-Made For Your Company

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Compensation committees sometimes feel challenged by the task of setting targets for annual goals. Not only do they have to address the upside potential and downside risk in the company’s business plan, but also other factors that include external headwinds and tailwinds associated with macroeconomic factors, competitive opportunities and threats, technological disruptions, and regulatory changes. That said, the task of setting annual targets can become quite complex. The greater challenge may be setting the range of payouts around target, especially payouts at threshold and maximum levels. The threshold defines what level of performance warrants any payout at all while the... Read More

When It’s OK to Lower the Performance Bar

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On March 3, 2015, NACD in partnership with Compensation Advisory Partners, Farient Advisors, Pay Governance, Pearl Meyer & Partners, Semler Brossy, and Steven Hall & Partners, will host its annual Leading Minds of Compensation event in New York. Here, a collective of the nation’s leading experts will provide their insights on compensation challenges directors need to be attuned to in 2015. In anticipation of this event, Semler Brossy’s Blair Jones and Seymour Burchman explore the perpetual issue of pay for performance.  When it comes to executive compensation and company performance, directors commonly go by the following “rule:” The goals for... Read More