Ashley Marchand Orme

Ashley Marchand OrmeAshley Marchand Orme is the senior research manager for NACD, helping to shape, write, and edit flagship research for the organization. Prior to assuming this role in June 2015, she served as the associate editor of NACD Directorship magazine, interviewing and writing about top leaders in corporate governance.

A trained journalist, Ashley served as a senior staff writer for the News Division of the Advisory Board Co., a health care industry consulting firm in Washington, D.C. Her bylines have appeared in Houston community newspapers, the New York Times, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

She has developed leadership skills through professional and volunteer experience, including leading a social justice organization for which she served as director of communications and, later, the lead organizer. Her interests in the realm of corporate governance include corporate social responsibility, sustainability, long-term value creation, and clear and transparent financial reporting.

With a parent who previously worked for Enron, Ashley saw firsthand how critical good corporate governance is and how families can be affected when leadership is lacking in the boardroom. She is glad to be part of an organization that helps equip directors to lead well in a complex business environment.

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