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We all have a stake in Corporate America – whether or not we own stock.

Most of us rely on Corporate America for our jobs – either directly or indirectly. And it’s a life-long dependency – from birth to death we use its products, depend on its innovation, look to it to supply the lifestyles we have too often taken for granted.

Just as war is too important to be left to the generals, Corporate America is too important to be left to the unknowing. We intend to use this blog to tee up and explore important concerns: yours, ours and the directors who are our members. If this is to work, it will demand diligence, patience and the mutual respect that knowledgeable people grant to one another.

Through this blog, I hope we all can become more knowledgeable about Corporate America, each other’s views and, more importantly, over time, identify a few ground-breaking ideas. So as the pilot just said: Sit back and enjoy the ride, but keep your seat belt loosely connected – there are bound to be some bumps along the way!

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