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As Bells Toll for Earnings Guidance, We Ponder Progress

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There was a lot of buzz around NACD’s offices earlier this month as our people learned that momentum is building to end quarterly earnings forecasts. You can’t work at NACD for very long without learning that our members champion long-term value creation and oppose short-termism, or without coming to understand how earnings guidance destroys the former and promotes the latter. (Short-Termism 101: when companies estimate the next quarter’s earnings per share, they drive a 90-day focus on meeting that projection and discourage focus on the organization’s long-term vision.) Our communal excitement stemmed from reports of an interview on CNBC’s Squawk... Read More

Companies Weigh Public vs. Private Options

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To be a public company or to be a private company—that is the question for an increasing number of directors of both private and public enterprises. And given the recent rise in public-to-private buyouts and private-to-public initial public offerings (IPOs), corporate directors need to be comfortable in both worlds. Heading toward the public markets are our newest IPOs. As of May 10, 2018, according to statistics from Renaissance Capital, the United States has seen pricing of 67 IPOs worth over $50 million—up 28.8 percent from the same period last year. Last year 160 IPOs got to the pricing stage—up 52... Read More

Innovation: Beyond Technology

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The word innovation typically conjures up images of new technologies like networked sensors and quantum computers. That was certainly my focus when I wrote my February blog on the age of innovation. We had just closed NACD’s cutting-edge program at the Consumer Electronics Show, and the buzzing excitement felt on the showroom floor was on my mind. But as directors, we know that although tech is important for our businesses, it’s merely a means to an end: sustainable growth that benefits all stakeholders. Technology plays a major role there, of course, but the real drivers of company value are people... Read More